Announcing the WHCA September General Meeting & Candidate Forum! by Michael Graves

The next WHCA General Meeting of members will be Tuesday, September 10th at 7pm at a location yet to be determined.

The highlight of the agenda is a Candidate Forum moderated by WH resident and long-time political writer Charles Kuffner. Confirmed forum participants include; Karla Cisneros, Cynthia Reyes-Revilla, Isabel Longoria, and Gaby Salcedo. All four are running for Houston City Council representing District H, which includes Woodland Heights.

Residents attending the Candidate Forum will be able to submit written questions, to be asked by the moderator, and answered by each of the candidates.

Also on the agenda:

The usual suspects will be on-hand to present the current state of WHCA activities. We may also have some news from the Lights in the Heights Committee.

Be watching your inbox for further details about this most interesting and timely event.

Replay: The Mayor's Town Hall Meeting by Michael Graves

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner held a Town Hall meeting on Monday, September 10th at The Moody Park community Center. This meeting targeting District H was the second in a series of town hall meetings to address the two propositions on the ballot for the November 6th election.

Speakers included CM Karla Cisneros, Mayor Turner, Director of Finance Tantri Emo, Fire Chief Samuel Peña, Police Chief Art Acevedo and Carol Haddock, Director of Public Works.

The presentations began with Proposition B, which is a ballot initiative by the firefighters union who are seeking to force wage parity with Houston Police officers.

Discussion of Proposition A, with respect to management of the Rebuild Houston funding, followed later in the meeting.

HTV live-streamed the meeting. This means that you can watch recorded playback of the event right here.

WHCA General Meeting Tonight! by Michael Graves

The March General Meeting of the WHCA will take place tonight! That's Tuesday, March 20th at 7pm in the cafeteria at Hogg Middle School, 1100 Merrill. 

The focus of this meeting will be the election of a new board of directors for the 2018-19 fiscal year. Over the past seven weeks the nominating committee has sought out candidates to run for the board. Now that nominations are closed, the final list of candidates is as follows:

  • President: Matt Reynolds (current President-Elect)
  • President-Elect: Harry McMahon
  • Deed Restrictions: Melissa Sternfels
  • Communications: Michael Graves (Incumbent)
  • Membership: Jay Francis, Kelly Hare
  • Treasurer: Sharon Greiff
  • Beautification: Stephanie Riceman
  • Security: Cody McGregor
  • Infrastructure: Matt Johnson (Incumbent)
  • Secretary: Debbie Hall

This meeting is your once a year opportunity to meet the candidates and cast your vote for who you think should help steer WHCA for the coming year. Come let your voice be heard!

Nominations from the floor of the meeting are not allowed. All WHCA Board members must be current homeowner members of the WHCA, and the VP of Deed Restrictions must also be a licensed attorney.

2018-2019 WHCA Board Candidates Needed - Get Involved! by Michael Graves

Hi Woodland Heights -

  1. Do you want to get more involved in the issues that face our wonderful neighborhood?
  2. Do you have a strong opinion about the future of the Woodland Heights or the WHCA and its mission?
  3. Do you want to get to know better some of the wonderful and talented people in this great neighborhood?
  4. Do you have talents in accounting, legal, social media, public relations, technology, fundraising or just a love of the history of the neighborhood you'd like to volunteer to our great neighborhood?

If so - then you should think about joining the Woodland Heights Civic Association Board for the 2018 - 2019 term, which starts April 1, 2018 and runs through March 31, 2019.

At present - we only have one candidate per position and would love to have multiple candidates per position to allow the WHCA membership to cast their votes accordingly at the Annual General Meeting on March 20th. I have attached a short description of the roles.

If you (or someone you know) are interested in a WHCA board position for the March 2018 to March 2019 term then please send an email to the nominating committee at nominations@woodland-heights.org. All candidates that wish to run for office (including those current board members running for re-election) must return a nomination form into the nomination committee one day prior to the election on March 20th.

Download the form here.  

Feel free to speak directly with a member of the nomination committee or an existing board member about these positions. The nominating committee members are:

  • Tyson Greer (Board Member)
  • Carla Reed (Board Member)
  • Marian Wright (Non-Board Member)
  • Kelly Hare (Non-Board Member)
  • Roy Johnston (Non-Board Member)

All WHCA Board members must be current homeowner members of the WHCA, and the VP of Deed Restrictions must be a licensed attorney.

Reminder: Nominations open for the 2017-8 WHCA Board by Michael Graves

The following Woodland Heights neighbors have agreed to be on the nominating committee for the Woodland Heights Civic Association Board Positions for the March 2017 to March 2018 board term. 

Rosie Walker (rosiethewriter@gmail.com
Pat Rutledge (pat@flagstonemortgage.com
Carla Reed (mrscarlareed@yahoo.com
Brad Snead (snead@wrightclose.com
Matt Hartzell (maymat@aol.com

If you are interested in a WHCA board position for the March 2017 to March 2018 term then please send an email to one of the members of the nominating committee with the completed nomination form.

All WHCA Board Positions are open for nominations for next year: President, President Elect, VP-Treasurer, VP-Deed Restriction, VP-Security, VP-Infrastructure, VP-Communications, VP-Beautification, VP-Secretary and VP-Membership. 

As a reminder, the WHCA board elections will be held on March 21, 2017 at 7:00 PM at Hogg Middle School. Nominations at the meeting are not permitted so please make sure to send in any nominations before the March 21 meeting. 

All WHCA Board members must be current members of the WHCA and the VP of deed restrictions must be a licensed attorney. 

Michael Graves
VP Communications, WHCA

Woodland Heights Civic Association Board Elections by Michael Graves

The WHCA board elections will be held on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 at 7 PM at the Hogg Middle School Cafeteria.  The WHCA bylaws require that a nominating committee of five (5) individuals be established to receive nominations for the WHCA board positions.  The nominating committee is to consist of two (2) current WHCA board members and three (3) woodland heights residents.

Carla Reed, VP Beautification and Brad Snead, VP Security have agreed to serve as the two (2) current WHCA board members on the nominating committee.

If you would like to serve as one of the three (3) woodland heights residents on the nominating committee please send an email expressing your interest to William Getschow at president@woodland-heights.org.  Once the nominating committee is formed then further instructions will be sent out to the neighborhood about how to nominate someone for a WHCA board position for the next term (March 2017-March 2018).

As a reminder, all board positions will be up for election on March 21, 2017.  We hope that many of the current board members will serve in the next term but they will need to be nominated and elected. The WHCA board positions are as follows:  President, President-Elect, VP-Security, VP-Treasurer, VP-Deed Restrictions, VP-Membership, VP-Beautification, VP-Infrastructure, VP-Communications and VP-Secretary.

Thank you,
William Getschow