Keeping Woodland Heights Informed

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Information is the lifeblood of any organization. Recognizing this fact, the WHCA VP of Communications is tasked with keeping the neighborhood informed by way of a monthly newsletter. The newsletter promotes events in the neighborhood, highlights topics of concern to neighbors, and the activities of the WHCA board. Various WHCA board members provide regular contributions, including; monthly financial updates, security updates, and the Yard-of-the-Month.


The newsletter is a resource to everyone in the neighborhood. We welcome articles of all sorts. Organizations within WH are encouraged to submit news of their events or activities. In some cases we may be able to send a neighbor to take photographs or shoot some video to highlight an event summary. 

Submissions can be made to


Nine months of the year the newsletter is published in electronic form. Close to the end of the month an email is sent to our mailing list of around 900 residents. 

Printed Newsletters

The remaining three months of the year (March, July & November) the newsletter is printed and hand-delivered to the approximately 2000 homes in the Woodland Heights. This ensures that we are engaging all residents, including those who are not online, to distribute information about key things, such as Lights-in-the-Heights, the Constable Patrol program, and the biannual home tour.

Distribution of the printed newsletters (and occasional other items) is handled by the volunteers in our Block Captain program. Each person on this team agrees to hand-deliver newsletters to specific blocks of particular streets. We are constantly seeking volunteers to help in this effort. If you'd like to volunteer contact the Block Captain Coordinator at


We accept a limited number of sponsorships to help offset the cost of producing the newsletter. We give preference to companies that are located in WH and/or serving WH residents. We try to ensure that only one company of each type is presented in each issue.

Art Specs

Sponsored placements are loosely based around a "business-card" sized art (3.5 x 2") up to 3.5" square.

Sponsorship Terms

We ask sponsors to commit to minimum of 6 consecutive placements for $300. That's just $50 per placement. This will naturally involve placements in both email and printed editions. Being run entirely by volunteers, we must keep our internal processes simple. We cannot accept selective or one-time placements.

Sponsorships can be conveniently purchased online in our web store.


Questions about any aspect of the WHCA newsletter can be directed to