Candidates Forum

Meeting Notes: WHCA September General Meeting & Candidates Forum by Michael Graves

The WHCA September General Meeting was held Tuesday, September 10th at 7 pm in the auditorium of Hogg Middle School. This article is a recap of the events of that evening.

Lights In The Heights Merchandise

Members filtered into the auditorium past a table with an array of Lights in the Heights merchandise. Beth Allen-Brock and Melissa McKee explained that these items are available for order now. Some items are made to order, so it’s important that you place your order via the WHCA website asap. In those cases, items will only be available people who order in advance.

The ladies further indicated that people who order LITH merchandise will be able to pickup their goods at the Friday Night Lights event on Friday, December 13th.

(L-to-R) WHCA President, Harry McMahon, former Treasurer Melissa McKee and former Secretary Beth Allen-Brock.

Call To Order

WHCA President Harry McMahon opened the meeting, calling for a show of hands from the members present to determine that there was a quorum. With around 40 people in the auditorium, it was determined that we did have quorum, although this was not critical since there were no agenda items requiring a vote by the membership.

Lights In The Heights Date & Route

Next, Harry introduced Ashley Allison, Co-chair of the 2019 Lights in the Heights committee. Ashley announced that Lights in the Heights would be Saturday, December 14th. The proposed route is Highland and Omar Streets, from Studewood to Florence.

The proposed route is subject to approval of our permit application. LITH has been on these streets in the past, but not for a number of years. As such, we have every reason to expect that the permit will be issued. When the details are finalized a reference map will be published.

Everything you need to know about Lights in the Heights will be in the November WHCA newsletter, which will be printed and hand-delivered throughout Woodland Heights.

Volunteer Your Porch!

The LITH committee is looking for folks along the route (Highland & Omar) who would like to host an entertainer on their front porch. Interested residents can contact Kent Brock at

LITH Masquerade Bash

There will be a LITH Holiday Masquerade Bash on Friday, October 25th at Studewood Place, 1111 Studewood. This is fun, casual event with all funds going to support Lights in the Heights. Tickets are now available in the online store at the WHCA website.

District H Candidates Forum

With the WHCA housekeeping out-of-the-way, Harry turned the meeting over to Charles Kuffner, the moderator of the District H Candidates Forum.

We were pleased to have all four of the candidates running to represent District H on Houston City Council participating in the event. We recorded the proceeding for the benefit of those who could not attend.

Many thanks to WH resident Estella Espinosa for her work preparing this video. It was our first time using this venue, which was surprising for the amount of reverberation it presents. The presentation has been substantially tidied up, but not edited for content. The recording contains the exchange in its entirety.

Announcing the WHCA September General Meeting & Candidate Forum! by Michael Graves

The next WHCA General Meeting of members will be Tuesday, September 10th at 7pm at a location yet to be determined.

The highlight of the agenda is a Candidate Forum moderated by WH resident and long-time political writer Charles Kuffner. Confirmed forum participants include; Karla Cisneros, Cynthia Reyes-Revilla, Isabel Longoria, and Gaby Salcedo. All four are running for Houston City Council representing District H, which includes Woodland Heights.

Residents attending the Candidate Forum will be able to submit written questions, to be asked by the moderator, and answered by each of the candidates.

Also on the agenda:

The usual suspects will be on-hand to present the current state of WHCA activities. We may also have some news from the Lights in the Heights Committee.

Be watching your inbox for further details about this most interesting and timely event.