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Your dues help support many important projects in the neighborhood:

EVENT PROMOTION – Lights in the Heights, Spring Home & Garden Tour, National Night Out and other neighborhood events all have expenses. WHCA underwrites most of these administrative expenses so that every dollar made can go directly back into the neighborhood.

WATSON & NORHILL ESPLANADE MAINTENANCE – The entrance and common spaces in your community are maintained by WHCA. Maintenance includes mowing, pruning, edging, clean-up, sprinkler systems, plantings and mulching.

DEED RESTRICTION ENFORCEMENT – The growing popularity of our neighborhood has resulted in our deed restrictions incurring challenges as never before. Our deed restrictions are only as good as our enforcement! There are costs to update the database, postage and printing costs to send written notices, and ever increasing overhead to obtain necessary legal counsel.

WOODLAND HEIGHTS WEB SITE - The WHCA web site is invaluable for those living in WH or considering making WH their home. It also provides important links to Government, Neighborhood, Arts, and other sites.  This year we’ll be making several improvements to the site so that it’s a better tool for neighborhood news and promotion.

WOODLAND HEIGHTS NEWSLETTER - The WHCA publishes a monthly newsletter. The newsletter highlights neighborhood events & issues, as well as reporting on the state of the civic association itself. The newsletter is mostly distributed by email. We're mindful of your privacy, so merely joining WHCA does not automatically add you to the mailing list. You can join the mailing list here.

We recognize that not everyone living in the neighborhood is active online. There is a need to reach out to these residents, so several times a year the newsletter is printed. These special, print editions are distributed by hand by a cadre of volunteer Block Captains.

Woodland Heights Boundary Map, Houston, Texas.

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