Meeting Recap

COH Presentation on Heights Area Street Safety Improvements by Michael Graves

The WHCA General Meeting on March 19th included a presentation about plans to change the configuration of 11th Street, Studewood and Pecore. This presentation helped to inspire an impressive turnout (62!) for the meeting, which was held in the library at Travis Elementary School. Since there are no doubt many others who would be interested in the details of this project, we recorded the meeting, to make it available here. The slides used in the presentation are also available in PDF format.

The decision to record this meeting was very last minute. The event was shot with a single camera, mostly focussed on the presenter. The video offered here was edited only to add the slides and whatever B-roll shots I could capture using my phone, once the Q&A was underway. It was not edited for content in any way.

Replay: The Mayor's Town Hall Meeting by Michael Graves

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner held a Town Hall meeting on Monday, September 10th at The Moody Park community Center. This meeting targeting District H was the second in a series of town hall meetings to address the two propositions on the ballot for the November 6th election.

Speakers included CM Karla Cisneros, Mayor Turner, Director of Finance Tantri Emo, Fire Chief Samuel Peña, Police Chief Art Acevedo and Carol Haddock, Director of Public Works.

The presentations began with Proposition B, which is a ballot initiative by the firefighters union who are seeking to force wage parity with Houston Police officers.

Discussion of Proposition A, with respect to management of the Rebuild Houston funding, followed later in the meeting.

HTV live-streamed the meeting. This means that you can watch recorded playback of the event right here.

Meet The new WHCA Board of Directors for 2018-19 by Michael Graves

The Woodland-Heights Civic Association Board of Directors for 2018-19

The Woodland-Heights Civic Association Board of Directors for 2018-19

This evening the members present at the March General Meeting elected the following as the new WHCA board for the coming year. Listed in order left-to-right.

  • Beautification: Stephanie Riceman
  • Security: Cody McGregor
  • Secretary: Debbie Hall
  • Infrastructure: Matt Johnson 
  • Communications: Michael Graves
  • Membership: Jay Francis
  • President-Elect: Harry McMahon
  • Deed Restrictions: Melissa Sternfels
  • President: Matt Reynolds
  • Treasurer: Sharon Greiff

This new board will take the reigns on April 1st, 2018.

Meet The WHCA Board for 2017-8 by Michael Graves

The picture above was taken on March 21st following the WHCA General Meeting that elected the board for the coming year. The new board is (Left-to-Right):

Tyson Greer, President
Melissa Sternfels, VP Membership
Brad Snead, VP Security
Michael Graves, VP Communication
Beth Allen-Brock, Secretary
Matthew Reynolds, President-Elect
Carla Reed, VP Beautification
Craig L Jackson, VP Deed Restrictions
Melissa McKee, Treasurer
Matt Johnson, VP Infrastructure (not shown)

The board meets to conduct the business of the WHCA once a month. In addition, general meetings are held every second month.




General Meeting Recap – July 2016 by Mark Sternfels

Unfortunately we weren't able to video record this month's meeting but here's a quick recap of what transpired. First, our guest speakers:

  • The City of Houston gave a short presentation regarding the pending sewer line work the 900 blocks of Bayland, Highland, Omar, Merrill, and Redan. The old cement sewer lines will be replaced beginning in the August/September timeframe. The entire project is expected to take 2 to 3 months.
  • Neighbor Jim Weston of the I-45 Coalition spoke briefly to inform us there have been no new developments in the I-45 project and the next step is the as yet unscheduled last public meeting prior to the project start. That meeting is expected to occur sometime at the end of the year.
  • We also heard from the organizers behind the Pierce Skypark, a project seeking to transform the Pierce Elevated portion of I-45 into an expansive green belt similar to the High Line in New York City.
  • Finally, we heard from a representative from State Rep. Carol Alvarado's office who told us about a town hall the Representative is hosting about the Zika virus. The event is Wednesday, August 3rd, 6:30pm at the E.B. Cape Center Auditorium, 4501 Leeland St. Come learn about the virus, what you can do to prevent infection, travel warnings, and understand the pregnancy risks.

Next up, WHCA business:

  • Treasurer Melissa McKee updated us on the association finances since the last general meeting. If you have specific questions please feel free to contact her directly.
  • VP of Security Steve Howard let us know the Constable Patrol program is short subscribers to sustain a second shift. If you haven't renewed your membership yet please do so as soon as possible.
  • There were no updates regarding the traffic management plan. As soon as the WHCA receives information we'll share it on Nextdoor and the WHCA news page.
  • The historic district guidelines for the Woodland Heights, though in very early stages, are moving forward. If you have questions about these please refer back to our previous article on the matter.
  • A point of discussion was raised concerning the board's authority to allocate funds as allowed under the current bylaws.