The WHCA Block Captain Program Needs Volunteers / by Michael Graves


It's been said that golf is "a good walk ruined." Wouldn't it be nice to turn that on it's head? Do some good by the simple act of taking a walk around our wonderful Woodland Heights Here's your chance! The WHCA Block Captain program is seeking volunteers to assist in the distribution of printed materials throughout the neighborhood. 

While typically this involves our printed newsletters, this week we're seeking help to distribute a one-page flyer about the Constable Patrol program. We expect this one-page document to be printed by Friday and likely available for pick-up and distribution over the weekend. Volunteers will be notified via email when the flyer is available for pick-up. If you are able to help distribute to the neighborhood, please sign up for your preferred blocks at the link below.

If you have any questions, or would like to be included on the Block Captains email list for future distribution efforts, please contact Andrea at