Fins, Feathers & Fur: Wild life In WH / by Michael Graves

Animals are everywhere in Woodland Heights! Some are local wildlife, while others are pets of various sorts. Each has a story. Did you know that we have a hoard of colorful wild Parakeets that live hereabouts?

Even as Hurricane Harvey was battering Houston the hummingbirds found our feeder. Shot on Tuesday, August 29, 2017 using a Canon 70D.

I'd like to start a regular newsletter item called "Fins, Feathers & Fur" that tells a brief tale of one critter each month. It could be that time you encountered a great hawk in Stude Park, the fish you caught in the bayou, or the charming way your dog greets all the neighbors while out walking. Could be fact or fictional. Needs a photo. If you're felling!

If you have anything to submit for consideration please send it to