WHCA February Newsletter En Route To Your Doorstep / by Michael Graves

Hello again - the latest WHCA newsletter is currently being distributed by our block captains. Normally, our February newsletter would be in email form, but this year is a little different. The return of the biannual Home Tour on the weekend of March 23-25 prompted a decision to print this edition, which is chock full of details about eight fabulous homes on this year's home tour, and how you can get to see them.

This issue also includes an article by Matt Johnson about the status of the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program. As WHCA VP of Infrastructure, Matt has been  the WHCA's liaison to the Public Works Department, who are responsible for the traffic calming program.

While the printed version will be at your door shortly, you can download an electronic version right now by clicking on the image to the right.

This weary editor would like to thank everyone who contributed to this issue.