Woodland Heights Animals Get a Lifeline / by Mark Sternfels

Community Animal Hero Tonya "CatLady" Daily and Her Volunteers Help Neglected Dogs and Cats

I have met some very nice neighbors who have helped me accomplish my "dog/cat warm-house project" for pets around the Heights and have spayed/neutered, tested, vaccinated community dogs and cats found roam- ing...dumped to fend.

I made a life choice years ago to do my part to help the most helpless among us with no one looking out for them. I have worked with SNAP to set up a fund to receive donations with the money to be used to provide spay-neuter surgery, vaccinations, heartworm preventative, and other well- ness services for the animals. The success of this project has led to an ex- pansion of the program to provide warm bedding to help them survive the chilly winter.

If you would like to donate to help these animals, visit our Woodland Heights Animal Fund donation page.