What's Happening @ Reagan High School by Mark Sternfels


The Reagan production of the Science Fiction musical Little Shop of Horrors premieres November 12th and runs for two nights at 7pm. Theatre at arts teacher Nina Garcia, alongside Mr. Miller and the students that form the production’s cast and crew are working hard to create a dazzling live performance.

The musical is based on the hit film about a bloodthirsty plant and its part in the change of fortunes for a struggling flower shop. The musical is open to the public and the Heights neighborhood is encouraged to attend. Tickets are $10, or $7 when you use the code word ‘Family’ at the door. The musical features mild, comic violence, but no vulgar language.

Cast members explained their reasoning behind joining the Reagan production and what they had hoped to accomplish through it. “I experienced Little Shop of Horrors when I was younger,” said Tyler Leftwich, who plays sadistic dentist Orin Schrovello in the musical. “My connection to acting is why I joined.”

Donald Peacock, in the role of monster plant Audrey II, auditioned to turn his private hobby into a performance skill. “I always had a passion for singing,” said Donald. “I wanted to be a part of Reagan’s musicals to share that passion through art.” Before participating in Reagan musicals, Donald never knew what to say when people asked him about his talents. He now has an answer.
“I love being able to entertain people through acting and singing,” said Jacob De Hoyos. Jacob, as well as other cast members, are excited to perform the musical in front of an audience. “The moment when the crowd roars with applause is what makes it all worth it.”

Happening at Reagan HS by Mark Sternfels

The German Club at Reagan High School will host the first ever Oktoberfest at the school on October 7th from 4pm to 6pm.

The event will provide food (Bratwürste und Crepes), drinks, entertainment and games for children and adults. Profits from the event will be donated to organizations helping refugees in the town of Leipzig.

If you're interested in sponsoring their efforts or purchasing tickets in advance ($8 adult, $5 kids) please contact the president of the German Club, Cynthia Torres, for information.

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