Houston High-Speed Rail Watch

Houston High-Speed Rail Watch Proposal by Michael Graves

You may recall that Alicia Nuzzie of Houston High-Speed Rail Watch made a presentation to the WHCA General Meeting on May 9th. They followed up on that appearance, sending WHCA a copy of their detailed position paper along with a map of their proposal.

Executive Summary

If the proposed Texas Bullet Train or HSR plans were to move forward, we are advocating for an elevated METRORail (light rail line) that would run down the center lanes of I-10 to connect HSR's end terminus near the Northwest Transit Center with downtown. We believe this light rail connection would unify scattered strands of Houston's public transportation network and facilitate connectivity to downtown for HSR riders, without adversely affecting neighborhood communities. It would also serve Houston-area commuters and promote a reduction of cars on the road. Plus, with a modest number of stops, it becomes an express rail line attractive to both local commuters and high-speed rail riders traveling into downtown.

For more information visit the Houston High-Speed Rail Watch web site and download their position paper.