Flood Control District unveils options that would replace concrete lining of White Oak Bayou by Michael Graves

A recently completed study funded by the Memorial Heights Redevelopment Authority (aka City of Houston TIRZ 5) presents options for the natural restoration of Lower White Oak Bayou. These options are alternatives to the present concrete lining. The area studied (“project area”) is defined on the map as the area along White Oak Bayou between Taylor/Watson and Hogan.

The restoration project would require between $30 million to $60 million, and could require many years to complete.

In its press release describing the report, the Flood Control District states:

“All options resulting from the study include removal of the partial concrete lining in this reach of White Oak Bayou. The study evaluated alternatives based on their potential for reducing flood risks, as well as their benefits for the environment, recreation and economic uplift. The cost and potential timeline for each alternative also were evaluated. (Alternatives that would increase flood risks were not considered.)”

Next steps for any longer-term project stemming from the study would include identifying stakeholders to participate in, and to fund, a future restoration project.

For more information, visit http://hcfcd.org/press-room/current-news/2017/10/study-compares-options-for-lower-white-oak-bayou-channel-restoration.