Spring Security Tips / by Mark Sternfels

Our annual Constable Patrol renewal campaign is in the second month, and we are still short of the participation needed to continue to support two patrol shifts. We are reaching out to the neighborhood in various ways to obtain your support for the Constable Patrol.

Even when our deputies are not on patrol, we get coverage from nearby contracts. Your new VP of Security's cat set off the house alarm last week shortly after one of our shifts had ended. Within 6 minutes of the alarm, deputies showed up from both the Heights and Garden Oaks contracts. The cat was let off with a warning.

Spring is a time where we see more property theft involving yard-care equipment, and things like porch furniture. When working in the yard, don’t leave tools and equipment unattended if they are in sight of the street. Have electric garage doors but sometimes forget to close them? Check into something like the Garage Butler – an easy to install device that will automatically close your garage doors.

You can sign up to receive email or text crime alerts for the area by going to the Precinct One Constable’s website and going to Crime Alerts under the Sign Up drop-down menu. Let's all watch out for our neighbors, and keep our neighborhood safe.