A Message From The New President: The Training Wheels Are Off! / by Michael Graves

Harry McMahon, President, WHCA

Harry McMahon, President, WHCA

In March I committed to a two-year term on the board of directors for the Woodland Heights Civic Association.  The term to which I was elected (I am using the term “elected” loosely since  I ran unopposed) was one year as president-elect, essentially a trainee under the president, Matt Reynolds. The one-year president-elect term was to be followed by my own one-year term as president.  However, early this summer Matt informed the board of directors he and his family are being transferred overseas.  Consequently, and through due process, my term as president was moved up and extended to cover the balance of Matt’s term as well as my own.  My year with training wheels goes out the window.

I guess you are all thinking, “Who is this guy?”  Good question.  My wife, a wonderful lass, born in Scotland and raised in Australia, and I moved to the Woodland Heights about eleven years ago.  We lived on Bayland for about five years then we moved to our current home on Omar.  We have two children, both born while we lived in the Woodland Heights.  My daughter, 10, and my son, 4, keep this sixty-year-young father spry.

This is my first foray in the official world of Woodland Heights civic service.  The decision to throw my name into the hat was based on family and community.  First off, I was interested in setting an example of community service for my children.  Secondly, I have witnessed several of my friends and neighbors sacrifice their personal time and their personal interests to promote the broader interest of the Woodland Heights community.  I would like to increase participation by the residents of the Woodland Heights in our civic endeavors and promote recognition of the unselfish effort that goes into the process of community oversight from which all the neighborhood residents benefit greatly.  In short, I am hoping to give a little back.

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- Harry McMahon, President, WHCA