The New Faces Of The WHCA Board / by Michael Graves

The past month has seen some changes in the faces on the WHCA board. The current board is comprised of the following officers:

  • William Getschow, President
  • Tyson Greer, President-Elect
  • Carla Reed, VP-Beautification
  • Susan Pennebaker-VP-Secretary
  • Michael Graves, VP-Communications
  • Brad Snead, VP-Security
  • Melissa McKee-VP, Treasurer
  • Giji John-VP, Deed Restrictions
  • Roger Moxley, VP-Membership
  • Matt Johnson-VP-Infrastructure

These officers will serve through March 2017. In March the WHCA will be holding elections to determine the officers for the coming year, which runs through to March 2018.