Your Opinion Counts / by Mark Sternfels

My fellow WHCA members: I would very much value and appreciate your opinions on two initiatives:

  1. what you think the WHCA Board or WHCA Members can do to increase the percentage of Woodland Heights neighbors becoming dues paying members,
  2. what additional things/projects would you like to see your memberships dues allocated tor?*

My intent is to gather and publish everyone's ideas to WHCA members and Woodland Heights non-member neighbors to then present these findings to the WHCA Board for feasibility review and possible implementation. Please email your responses to

Thank you,
Roger Moxley
VP, Membership

*Current dues allocation: enforce deed restrictions, police land use, support park upkeep, manage constable patrol, liaison with City/County, oversee street repairs, produce monthly newsletter, maintain website, support Facebook & Twitter, beautify common spaces, fund common area maintenance, partner with Travis and Hogg, fund & manage Lights in the Heights, oversee community socials and gatherings, support community needs, provide public forums, monthly meetings for public, watch traffic issues, coordinate sewer and utility work, fund community grants, maintain historical records, partner with preservation and historical organizations, oversee urban development issues, monitor crime patterns, provide instant messaging capabilities to public, and fund & manage the Historical Home Tour.