Constable Patrol Update / by Mark Sternfels

WHCA Crime & Constable Patrol Stats

HPD Beat 2A30

If you're reading this in our monthly newsletter please view this article on our website to view a bar chart showing crime statistics over the past three months.

As always, theft from vehicles is the most prevalent crime. Please don’t leave valuables in your car. For July: Burglaries involved residences in the 100 block of Alma, 3700 block of Bradley, and 900 block of Woodland. Auto theft in the 3700 block of Bradley.

The City of Houston is usually 3 months behind in releasing monthly crime stats. To stay more current, about once a week I monitor daily crime reports and accumulate the data to arrive at the crime data presented here.  

Hopefully, many of you got to meet our deputies at the July 4th parade. Our day shift deputy is waiting for it to cool off a bit before he gets back on his bike. Our permanent night shift deputy is about to complete his 8 week training course with his new police dog. During his training several other deputies are covering his shift, and as always we receive support from surrounding contracts (Heights, Garden Oaks etc.). It is common for deputies from nearby contracts to respond to calls in our area as Precinct One endeavors to provide prompt service when we call.     

Our deputies come to work in our neighborhood and remain through their shift unless they are called to respond to a nearby contract. The deputies spend their shift cruising the neighborhood.  When they stop to look at something or take some action, they keep a log, so we have a general idea of their activities. For July 2015 here is some of their activity:

  • 21 traffic stops, resulting in 10 citations, (the deputies have radar and use it to monitor speeds in areas where there are complaints about speeding, and they do strictly enforce speeds in school zones)
  • 2 arrests (both drug related, in the 800 and 1000 blocks of Studewood)
  • 3 responses to criminal mischief
  • 6 suspicious person call responses
  • 16 suspicious vehicle call responses (resulting in 9 stops, 3 warnings, 1 citation)
  • 85 times they stopped to check something in the parks (especially along White Oak)
  • 222 times they stopped to check something in the neighborhood 
  • 7 house alarm responses (zero caused by my cat)
  • 2 disturbance/loud noise complaint investigations 
  • 37 “Meet the Citizen” – this is basically a conversation with a member of the neighborhood in a fashion that’s not covered above,  (e.g., to introduce themselves or answer a question).

Our deputies are very service oriented, so if you see a deputy and have a question, or just want to say hello –  flag them down.

Steve Howard
VP-Security WHCA