METRO Buses on Bayland & Watson / by Mark Sternfels

UPDATE 1: Original post was missing the link to the METRO bus route petition. Now added.
UPDATE 2: Added link to petition in favor of keeping current METRO bus routes. Modified text to accommodate new link. Removed infographic.

As was discussed at our last General Meeting, METRO has decided to maintain the current bus route on Bayland and Watson. A large number of residents on Bayland (and elsewhere along the route in the neighborhood) have expressed their desire to have this route moved to the perimeter of the neighborhood. In prior meetings with METRO, some of those residents were left with the impression that METRO would do just that. However, METRO has now confirmed that its plan is to leave the route as it currently exists. So, those residents are starting a petition to bring to METRO before METRO finalizes its route decisions, which will be in early June.

Please review both petitions and make your voice heard.

Petition in favor of keeping current bus routes.
Petition in favor of changing bus routes.