Constable Patrol Updates / by Mark Sternfels


We are at 418 subscribers, which is a bit above where we were at this time last year. Including our reserve, at this level of participation we can continue with two patrols through at least March 2017 – possibly longer. To sustain two patrols indefinitely, we need to get long-term participation at or above 465. As has always been the case, we will continue to add subscribers throughout the year so we may get there yet. We continue to consider other ways to reach out and increase participation. If you haven’t joined, please consider doing so. If you are already a member, please don’t hesitate to talk up the program with neighbors who aren’t members.

Activity Report

With two 40 hour shifts, we have a significant law enforcement presence in our neighborhood. Our deputies drive to our neighborhood from home, and essentially spend their 40-hour shift in our neighborhood, generally leaving only when called to respond to a specific incident elsewhere. That works both ways, as we often have deputies from the Heights and Garden Oaks contracts responding to calls in our neighborhood. Here are some stats on April Constable Patrol activity in Woodland Heights:

  • Responded to: 13 house alarms, 5 calls about solicitors, 1 stranded motor vehicle, 22 reports of suspicious people, 21 reports of suspicious vehicles, 1 welfare check
  • 50 traffic stops (speeding in school zones is a problem – our Constables have radar!); investigated 5 traffic hazards (mostly on Watson)
  • 1 criminal mischief, 1 disturbance loud noise, 1 disturbance other, 2 drug possession
  • Approximately 218 times they stopped to investigate something unusual or suspicious; 88 stops in our parks – predominately along White Oak, and 130 throughout the neighborhood
  • 58 times they stopped and talked to folks in the neighborhood not in relation to any particular call or problem, more in the nature of meet and greet.

Crime Statistics

If you can't see the bar graph above view it here


Numbers reflect total area covered by police beat #2A30 which includes Houston Heights, North Norhill/Proctor Plaza, Sunset Heights, and more. In April the most thefts occurred in streets (parked cars) and restaurant parking lots. There was only one theft from a residence. All three burglaries were of residences. Because the city takes several months to post this data cumulatively for an entire month, to stay more current we go in and extract this data manually, on a weekly basis. We're still perfecting our capture methodology and hope to offer meaningful comparisons of the data in the coming months.