Ley Plaza Butterfly Garden – Yard of the Month / by Mark Sternfels

This month I’d like to shout out special recognition to neighborhood volunteers who have, since 2007, put in many, many hours to create and sustain our wonderful butterfly garden at Ley Plaza Park. Jennifer Sanchez with Texas Fish and Wildlife recently donated lots of new native plants to our pretty garden and once again these neighbors stepped up to make sure they were planted.  Your dedicated neighbors are: Dan Rueda, Cal Sercu and her daughters Amalie and Leisl, Jayne Porter, Morgan Towsen and her infant son Noah, Pat Rutledge, Louise Moss, Thane and Nicole Wyman and Kathleen Boyd and her daughter, Persi AND their fearless leader Pat German. If it wasn’t for Pat’s initial suggestion to create a butterfly garden and her subsequent contact with the Houston Parks and Recreation Department back in 2007, this garden would not exist.

Thank you Pat and all of your volunteers who love and maintain our beautiful garden. The park is located on White Oak Drive between Thelma and Gladys Streets.

– Brigette Larson, VP Beautification