Constable Patrol: September 2015 / by Mark Sternfels

Crime and Constable Patrol Statistics for September 2015

To view charts of crime stats please visit this article on the WHCA website.

As always, theft from vehicles is the most prevalent crime. Please don’t leave valuables in your car – 4 parking lot thefts this month were at local businesses. For September: Auto theft in the 900 block of Ridge. Burglaries of construction site in the 800 block of Usener, and residence in the 500 block of Redan. The City of Houston is usually months behind in releasing monthly crime stats. To stay more current, about once a week I monitor daily crime reports, and accumulate the data to arrive at the crime data presented here.

Crime Stats

HPD Beat 2A30 (Stats for WHCA area only)

Crime – WH vs. Beat 2A30

Stats only for the month of Sept. 2015

WHCA Constable Patrol Statistics

Our permanent night shift deputy and his new police dog are back to full-time duty in our neighborhood. We remind everyone that for a crime in progress, please call 911 first, principally because we do not have 24/7 deputy coverage. If our deputies are on duty, they should be monitoring those calls, though you can also call Precinct One dispatch after calling 911 for crimes in progress.

The most consistent feedback I get from our deputies is that they want us to call if we see something that doesn’t seem right. They are happy to sort it out, and don’t want us failing to call about something because we aren’t sure whether it is significant enough to warrant their attention.

Our deputies come to work in our neighborhood, and remain through their shift, unless they are called to respond to a nearby contract. The deputies spend their shift cruising the neighborhood. When they stop to look at something or take some action, they keep a log, so we have a general idea of their activities.

Constable Patrol Log

Data per Constable's Log Books