New WHCA Battery Recycling Effort by Michael Graves

WHCA Secretary Alaina Hebert is leading a new effort to encourage the proper recycling of batteries and consumer electronics items with batteries inside. Following the guidelines offered at, items will be collected at WHCA General Meetings, like one planned for September 10th. The General Meetings are not only an opportunity to engage in the WH community, they’re also your chance to safely dispose of the old batteries & mobile phones cluttering up your junk drawer.

Councilor Karla Cisneros on Trash & Recycling Collection by Michael Graves

This morning’s email newsletter from District H Councilor Karla Cisneros included the following letter:

January 17, 2019

Dear District H Constituents,

      As Council Member representing District H, I want to touch base with you all regarding the spike in missed and delayed waste pick up whether it be recycling or heavy trash. Please know that this spike is not isolated to your neighborhood or even just District H. This is a city-wide problem that has been happening for the last few months, and in an effort to achieve clarity, I have compiled below information regarding the delays and what the Solid Waste Department is doing to resume regularly scheduled recycling and heavy trash pickup.

What is causing the delays?

  • The City’s fleet of recycling trucks is aging and many sustained damage during Hurricane Harvey. This has led to equipment downtime as the trucks are repaired.

  • Many homeowners’ garbage and recycling bins were washed away during Hurricane Harvey, creating a backlog of delivery of the new bins.

  • Solid Waste is experiencing an increase in volume, typical for this time of year, further contributing to delays.

  • Solid Waste needs new truck mechanics and experienced CDL drivers, of which there are few, due to the nation-wide skilled labor shortage.

What is the City doing to help?

  • At the end of the summer, Solid Waste will receive 69 new trucks.

  • City Council voted to approve a recycling collections contract with a private vendor and a rental contract for extra manual collection garbage trucks while we wait for the new trucks to come in this summer. 

  • While there is a hiring freeze for most City of Houston departments, Solid Waste is exempt so that they may hire desperately needed trucks drivers and mechanics. To apply, visit this website.

  • Solid Waste has staff working overtime on weekends in an effort to get back on schedule.

  • Mayor Turner’s team is tracking all missed and delayed pickups personally by remaining in communication with Solid Waste, 311 operators, and Council Members.

  • The Solid Waste Department’s Facebook page updates information on daily routes being picked up each day.

  • Regularly-scheduled pickups are projected to resume ~60 days.

What can residents do?

  • Solid Waste is encouraging residents to take advantage of the six neighborhood depositories in the city. For more information on locations and requirements please visit this website.

  • If your bin is not picked up on your regularly-scheduled day, please report the situation first to 311 and then to my office by calling 832-393-3003. My office will coordinate with the Solid Waste department as well as the Mayor’s office to track and resolve the issue.

  • Continue to follow social media and the Solid Waste website for updates on when your neighborhood’s pickup will take place.

I understand that this situation is not only inconvenient, but frustrating. My staff and I have been tracking this issue for months and continue to vigilantly advocate for the constituents of District H. We are here to make your communications with the City of Houston more efficient and more transparent, so please do not hesitate to call my office with your issues, be they Solid Waste related or otherwise.


Karla Cisneros

Council Member, District H

Yard/Tree Waste Collection Resumes January 2, 2018 by Michael Graves

In coordination with its Annual Christmas Tree Recycling Program, the Solid Waste Management Department will restart its Yard/Tree Waste Collection and Recycling Program on Tuesday, January 2, 2018. 

Yard/Tree Waste will be collected on residents’ normal garbage collection day. Customers are reminded that yard waste should be properly placed at the curb in city approved recycling bags, or if tree/branch trimmings, they should be bundled and/or tied in lengths not greater than 36 inches. Material not properly prepared for ease of collection will be tagged and left at the curb for the customer’s proper preparation. 

For further instructions on how to prepare yard waste for ease of collection, visit the Solid Waste Management website at  

What is Tree Waste?

“Clean” wood waste such as tree limbs, branches, and stumps. Lumber, furniture, and treated wood will NOT be accepted. 

What is Yard Trimmings?

Yard Trimmings, grass clippings, small branches and leaves. They must be in city-approved compostable bags. 

For more information about SWMD and its services, visit  at, “LIKE” us on Facebook at, follow us on Twitter @HoustonTrash, or call 3-1-1, the City of Houston’s Customer Service Helpline. 

About the City of Houston Solid Waste Management Department

The Solid Waste Management Department (SWMD) provides solid waste services to the citizens of Houston through the collection, disposal and recycling of discarded material in a manner that is safe, efficient, environmentally sound and cost-effective.