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Have you renewed your membership for the 2018 Constable Patrol Program? by Michael Graves


Effective July 9th, 2018 those that have not renewed their membership will be asked to relinquish their sign in order to ensure we are able to provide paying members a sign with a current sticker.

Summertime is upon us and active members of the program can rest assured while away on  vacation that our local Constable is checking on your home. This is just one of many benefits of the Constable Patrol Program.

This is your last chance to renew before your outdated sign is collected! If you’re not yet a member and would like to join, there is still time!

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Contact Cody McGregor, WHCA VP-Security

Constable Patrol Program Renewals for 2018-19 by Michael Graves

WHCA VP Security, Brad Snead sent the following message was emailed to members of the Constable Patrol program. It's broadly applicable to the entire neighborhood, so we're posting it here as well.

Dear Neighbors:


It’s that time again. If you haven’t renewed already, please go ahead and do so. The new fiscal year starts April 1, 2018. I apologize in advance if you get more than one email or notice (you probably will), but we are trying to distribute the information as widely as possible.

We recently sent out our annual neighborhood mailer for the Constable Patrol and Association dues. You can respond to the mailer, or go to our website and pay via PayPal or download a membership form to use if you want to pay by check. Annual Constable Patrol Program participation is $330 by check, and $340 via PayPal. Here is the website link:

Any Interest in Serving as VP of Security?

Before getting to the other details, does anyone have interest in taking over the board position for VP of Security for the upcoming term? I’m planning to step down for the next term. Please let me know if you have any interest.

Sticker Distribution.

For those who renew by April 1st, we’ll plan to hand deliver the new stickers (and a new sign if you need it). If you are on auto-renew and don’t know when that will occur, I recommend going into PayPal, cancelling, and starting it again so it will auto-renew in March. For those who do not renew by April 1st, we’ll coordinate a pick-up location so you can come get a new sticker at your convenience.

Basic Info.

The WHCA has a contract with the Constable Patrol Program, serviced by Harris County Precinct One. We have two full-time deputies that patrol our neighborhood for a total of 80 hours each week, in two staggered shifts—one during the day and one at night.

The cost has increased 3% this year. The total cost for two deputies for year is roughly $158k. This is NOT paid for by property taxes or any other source. To maintain this service, we need approximately 460 households to donate $330 per year. Last year we had almost 400 subscribers. But because of a generous donation from Greystar Apartments, and a little surplus from the prior year, we were able to maintain two deputy shifts throughout the year. We still have about one month surplus going into the next term.

We hope you join or renew to help us sustain the program so that we can continue the program. Please encourage your friends and neighbors to join.


Finally, here is a summary of the benefits of the program:

  • Police presence (dedicated deputies are visible, learn the neighborhood, and prevent crime);
  • Prompt response (deputies usually respond more quickly than HPD);
  • Vacation Watch (a deputy will do a physical, daily inspection of your home while you are on vacation);
  • Home Security Check (a deputy will physically come to your home to provide a security assessment);
  • Text/Email Crime Alerts (you may sign up for crime alerts from Precinct 1);
  • Crime stats (the VP of Security will provide periodic crime updates and statistics);
  • Coordination with alarm companies (you may give the Precinct One dispatch number to your alarm monitoring companies);
  • Coordination with the Constable’s office (the VP of Security will act as a liaison with the department to coordinate any special requests or concerns);
  • Coordination with surrounding neighborhoods (an unheralded benefit, allowing constables in surrounding areas to respond to calls when our deputies are off duty).

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments about the program.

Brad Snead
VP-Security WHCA