Travis Elementary

What's Happening @ Travis Elementary by Mark Sternfels

From Travis Elementary Principal Tom Day:

If you are out and about and see a Travis Tiger showing “grit” – perseverance and determination to keep going, even if at first you do not succeed – make sure to point it out. Displaying grit in the face of difficulty is one of several positive character traits that are being discussed in classrooms at Travis Elementary this year as part of the school’s new character education program, “Tiger Traits.”

On early dismissal days, students and teachers will engage in lessons, activities, and discussion designed to foster a growth mindset and self-esteem while creating opportunities to develop social skills and more bonds among blended peer groups.

“Tiger Traits” combines existing campus practices and programs with new character building lessons and activities to form an aligned school initiative. It creates opportunity for students to build bonds with more of their peers while engaging in thoughtful dialogue about character traits and making connections to behavior and choices.