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Historic District Design Guidelines Available online and at Heights Library by Michael Graves

Historic Preservation Design Guidelines, a strategy report, is now available online and in hard copy at the Heights Library reference desk, where it will be retained on a permanent basis. There are three copies of the Design Guidelines, but the volumes are for in-library use only. A coin-operated copy machine is available at the Heights Library; black-and-white copies cost 15 cents per page. The report is contained in a three-ring binder, which makes copying easy.

In addition to the Design Guidelines report, videos of earlier Historic District community workshops are available online at the project’s webpage:

The next Community Workshop for Historic Districts is scheduled for Tuesday, June 20, from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. at the Heights Fire Station, 107 West 12th Street. 

For more information, contact Steph McDougal, project manager, City of Houston Planning & Development Dept., 832-393-6541, or email:

Historic District Design Guidelines Visual Preferences Survey by Michael Graves

Click on the image to go to the city web site and begin the survey.

What are the keys to designing a compatible house or addition in a historic district?

At previous community workshops, participants evaluated a series of alternative building models for new houses and additions. Some models were rated as being either clearly appropriate or clearly inappropriate. For other models, opinions were mixed, or there wasn’t enough feedback to draw clear conclusions, and so this survey focuses on those models for which we did not receive clear direction.

We have also updated some illustrations to more closely reflect the character of individual historic districts. Your answers will help us recommend building design tools to be included in the Woodland Heights Historic District design guidelines.
The survey is divided into three parts:

Part 1: Overall Issues In the District
This section asks the extent to which you agree or disagree with issues that were mentioned in previous workshops.

Part 2: Building Design Tools
This section asks you to comment on the usefulness of design techniques that can affect compatibility, in terms of mass, scale, and relationship of a building to its neighbors. A background paper, titled Houston Historic Districts Potential Design Tools, provides further information about the design tools in Part 2.

Part 3: Building Scenarios
This section presents seven house designs -- three that show different approaches for constructing an addition to a historic single-family home, and four that illustrate new single-family homes in the historic district. Each scenario incorporates a combination of the design techniques described in Part 2 and will help us determine how effective these tools may be in achieving compatible designs.

All surveys must be completed online or postmarked no later than Friday, January 27, 2017.

Woodland Terrace Homeowner Signup by Mark Sternfels

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Recently many residents within the Woodland Terrace subdivision were served in a lawsuit as part of an ongoing litigation between Ronald Taylor, as plaintiff, and the WHCA and certain named individuals, as defendants. The WHCA is trying to arrange a meeting of all Woodland Terrace residents so that we can go through a full discussion then. Please fill out the contact form in this post to ensure you receive notification of any future meetings or notices. Feel free to share this page with your neighbors via email or social media. If you have any elderly neighbors who may not have internet access please feel free to register on their behalf.

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