Warning: Memberships No Longer Auto-Renew by Michael Graves

In the past, WH residents were able to pay for their WHCA dues or Constable Patrol membership online, in a fashion that automatically renewed each year. This was convenient, since once you signed up initially, you didn’t have to think about it. Everything was processed automatically each year, at least until something went amiss with their Paypal account.

As convenient as that was, it also created some confusion. People would sometimes forget that they had previously setup the automatic renewal. They would make a payment manually via the web site, only to find that they had paid twice. This required that the treasurer take action to reverse the charge.

This happened more often that we would have hoped. Often enough that it was burdensome to the treasurer. So, when it came time to rework how payments were handled via the web site, the option for automatic recurring payment was eliminated.

Those who had such payments setup received messages both from Paypal and directly from the treasurer. As we go into our 2019-20 year, everyone must renew their WHCA membership and subscribe anew to the Constable Patrol Program.

2018 Home Tour Sets Revenue Record by Michael Graves

The home tour committee would like to extend its effusive thanks to the sponsors, homeowners, volunteers, and party and tour goers who helped us set a new record with the 2018 tour – the neighborhood’s major fundraiser. The tour and preview party’s net revenue of $44,048 exceeded the goal by more than $10,000 and topped the 2016 tour proceeds by more than $12,000! Thanks to everyone who helped showcase our “hometown near downtown.”

Proceeds will support enforcement of deed restrictions, beautification, general operations. Further, up to 10 percent will be allocated to support the constable patrol. 

  • Total proceeds were $48,851. 
  • Home tour underwriting revenue - $16,090
  • Home tour ticket revenue - $23,301
  • Preview party underwriting revenue - $2,500
  • Preview party ticket & raffle revenue - $6,960

Thanks to the many generous in-kind donations from our wonderful neighborhood businesses, expenses were kept to approximately 10 percent of revenue at $4,802. 

Looking ahead: The committee will select 2020 home tour homes next spring/summer. If you’d like your historic home to be considered, please email limoss@comcast.net. While it may be a high bar, the committee would love your help in showing off our charming neighborhood to the rest of Houston and hopefully setting a new record next time. 

WHCA Financial Update April 2016 - March 2017 by Michael Graves

* Some of the money related to the Home Tour (April 2016) was properly recorded in the financial statements for the prior Fiscal Year (April 2015 – March 2016) when it was either received or paid. Therefore, Home Tour Revenues and Expenses shown above for the current Fiscal Year (April 2016 – March 2017) do not include the full amounts earned by the event. In total, Home Tour Revenues were $37,802 and Expenses were $5,288, creating a net inflow of $32,514 for the WHCA.