Calling Historic Homes! / by Michael Graves

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The 2020 Woodland Heights Home Tour is a year away, and the committee is already gearing up for it. The first order of business is selecting houses for the event, which is March 28-29, 2020.

If you would like your home to be considered for the tour, please send an email to Louise Moss at The committee plans to visit homes in the May-June timeframe with the goal of finalizing homes by end of summer. This lets us get exterior photos done before winter and gives the homeowner plenty of time to prepare for the tour.

The tour features original homes, including those that have been updated and/or expanded. We are particularly eager to hear from you if you have a small- or mid-size house so we can feature a range of sizes and architectural styles. The tour is a major fundraiser that supports neighborhood activities and showcases Woodland Heights’ unique charm to visitors from across Houston.