The City Wants Public Input About Crosswalks on Studewood / by Michael Graves

On August 14th our Greater Heights Super Neighborhood Council met with the City of Houston’s traffic engineer Ian Hlavacek to discuss the crosswalk situations at key hike and bike trail crossings, as well as two Studewood crossings at Merrill and 8th. The Studewood crosswalks
are especially important to the Woodland Heights because they keep our neighborhoods connected with each other, enable us to reach businesses across Studewood like Antidote and Sonoma without driving (and contributing to parking congestion), and make it safe for middle school students on the other side of Studewood to walk to school at Hogg.

While Mr. Hlavacek acknowledged the need for these crosswalks to be made safer and more accessible, he would like community input on how we would like for this to happen. Cost is an issue, but when we have a plan in place we could make it happen when the funding becomes available.

Please send your thoughts to:
Ian Hlavacek, P.E. | Supervising Engineer
Houston Public Works | Transportation & Drainage Operations