Yard-Of-The-Month: 1026 Omar St / by Michael Graves

Yard of the Month goes to 1026 Omar St.  This is a new house, with new neighbors, and a new kind of lawn that is gaining popularity in the Woodland Heights, artificial grass.  The Woodland Heights has always been a diverse neighborhood where we celebrate and embrace different ideas.  On my street alone, Omar, there are now 3 houses with front lawns made up of artificial turf.  While most yards are looking pretty sad in our neighborhood after 2 hard freezes this month, 1026 Omar looks vibrant.  


Artificial grass has been growing in popularity because it doesn’t have to be mowed, and has the eco-friendly quality of not needing fertilizer or water.  Lawns use 1/3 of all residential water consumption.  Some of the new artificial grasses are even partially manufactured out of recycled materials.