Lights-In-The-Heights Toy Drive Revisited / by Michael Graves

As you may know, this past year the LITH Gala committee added a toy drive to the event, in support of local families impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Everyone attending the sold out gala brought a toy. The toys collected were contributed to the Houston Fire Department’s Operation Stocking Stuffer.

Further, event sponsor Big Blue Whale Toys & Curiosities on 19th street bested their original offer to match every toy purchased there by people attending the gala, more than doubling-up on the good cheer!


Late in January we received a summary of the results of Operation Stocking Stuffer in 2017. Over forty pages long, it documents everything that went into producing the biggest and most successful toy drive in their history. It includes a specific call-out to the Woodland Heights for the truckload of toys donated as a result of the LITH Gala.