WH Creature Feature #1: Duke / by Michael Graves

From the Editor: You may recall (or perhaps not) that some months ago I floated the idea of a Pet-of-the-Month. After all, there are quite likely as many pets in WH as there are people. And they are often full-fledged members of the family. It took until this week for someone to offer up their pet for this first installment.

I call it the “Creature Feature.” Beyond merely being seasonally appropriate, this highlights the fact that I’d welcome pics that are not pets. Birders! I’m talking to you! See an especially great turtle in the park, grab a pic with your phone. Send it along to communications@woodland-heights.org.

Duke: A Labrador / Great Dane Mix.

We rescued Duke as a puppy around Christmas time last year. He loves to go to the dog park and play with dogs of all sizes even though he's usually the largest. When he's not playing at the park, you can find him lounging on the front porch or taking up an entire couch. Even though he's over 100 lbs, he still our big ol' lap dog!

- Stephanie Morales