Constable Patrol: Data for September 2016 / by Mark Sternfels

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The Constable Patrol operates on a fiscal year ending March 31. Through mid-October, we have approximately 395 subscribers, and 460 are needed to make two shifts sustainable long-term. We recently reached out to the neighborhood to get people to join for the second half of the year, and in the first two weeks of that, picked up about 15 new members. Hopefully more will respond this fall. You can also find information for membership on the Woodland Heights webpage. Please support the Constable Patrol.

Woodland Heights Civic Association Crime States Sept. 2016

As usual, about 50% of theft from vehicles was on Studewood and White Oak in and around commercial areas, and is as likely to occur at lunchtime as at night.

We had one burglary of a building (800 block of Usener) and one burglary of a residence (500 block of Teetshorn).        

The robbery occurred in the 2500 block of Norhill shortly after midnight, Thursday, September 15.   While not in the neighborhood, most months we see one or more assaults or robberies in the 3600-3700 blocks of North Main. In July things calmed down a bit in that area, but picked up in August and September. Please be aware of your surroundings when you are in the commercial areas that surround our neighborhood.

WHCA Constable Patrol Statistics

We remind everyone for a crime in progress, please call 911 first. If our deputies are on duty, they should be monitoring those calls, though you can also call Precinct One dispatch after calling 911 for crimes in progress. Do not hesitate to call Precinct One for something that doesn’t look right. Our deputies want you to err on the side of calling things in. Our neighborhood is huge, and you can help direct our deputies to suspicious activity.

Our deputies come to work in our neighborhood, and remain through their shift, unless they are called to respond to a nearby contract. When they stop to look at something or take some action, they keep a log, so we have a general idea of their activities. For September 2016 here is some of their activity:

Number Activity
11 Traffic stops, resulting in 3 citations. The deputies have radar and use it to monitor speeds in areas where there are complaints, and they pay particular attention to speeds in school zones;
3 Suspicious person/vehicle call responses (please do not hesitate to call about something that does not look right. I will take it as a good sign that these calls were significantly down in July, but this is the most effective way to direct our Constables to unusual activity).
16 Times they stopped to check something in the parks.
88 Times they stopped to check something in the neighborhood (not otherwise included in these statistics).
6 house alarm responses (happily all were false or cancelled alarms and none involved my cats).
9 Miscellaneous: responses to traffic issues and calls about speeding; various disturbances/loud noise, gunshots, mischief; stranded and abandoned vehicles and truancy.
49 “Meet the Citizen” – this is a conversation with a member of the neighborhood in a fashion that’s not covered above, (e.g. to introduce themselves or to answer a question). Our deputies are very service oriented, so if you see a deputy and have a question, or just want to say hello please flag them down.

If you have any questions about the Constable Patrol please contact Steve Howard through the WHCA contact page.