Lighten Your Load: Lighter in the Heights Community Yard Sale / by Michael Graves

Lighter in the Heights Square Graphic.jpg

Do you need to clean out your closet, cabinet or storage shed? We want that stuff for “Lighter in the Heights,” a community garage sale established to defray expenses of Lights in the Heights. The sale date is Saturday, September 29th from 7am - 12 noon, with a rain date of October 6th. There are two ways to assist: 

  1. Contribute items in good condition to the Community Sale. 100% of the sale proceeds go to fund LITH. Donations can be dropped off at 2822 Florence, at the corner of Byrne (the flamingo house). For heavier items, please contact me to arrange pick up.
  2. Your sale, your stuff, your house, our date. Your address will be publicized along with the date and address of the Community Sale. Donate 20% of your sale proceeds to LITH.

Questions? Contact Peggy Sparks at 713.628.8809 (mobile) or