Woodland Heights Constable Patrol
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New Subscriber $325.00
Renewal $325.00

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Woodland Heights Civic Association is proud to support the Constable Patrol Program, serviced by Precinct One. This year, we were able to work with the Constable to add a second shift to our contract. Please help us sustain this so that we can have broader coverage in the neighborhood and reduce crime rates further. Encourage your friends and neighbors to join!
In addition to the increased law enforcement presence in the neighborhood, the program provides great benefits to subscribers, such as:
● 24/7 access to Precinct One’s dispatcher;
● Vacation checks;
● Home security checks; and
● Email crime alerts through the Nextdoor forum private group for Constable Program members.
Constable Program members with alarm systems may also give the Precinct One dispatch number to their monitoring companies for the first call when an alarm is triggered. Given the significant constable presence in both our neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods, this may result in a faster response time than HPD.


The Constable Program Year is now aligned with the WHCA Year and runs from April 1, 2014 through March 31, 2015. 

NEW MEMBER - $315 by check or $325 via PayPal

RENEWING MEMBER - $315 by check or $325 via PayPal

Payment Methods:

Check, payable to:

P.O. Box 7754
Houston, Texas 77270-7754

or Pay Online at the PayPal link above


P.O. Box 7754
Houston, TX 77270-7754
voice:  713.200.3610

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